Audiobook Review: Bossypants


Rating: 5 out of 5

I'm back, fellow bloggers! Hope you all started the new year with a bang! Determined to broaden my horizons in 2012, I decided to buy my first audiobook. I was never interested in the medium after my middle school English teacher tortured us with an audio version of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet, an excruciatingly boring book about a boy lost in the wilderness.

But I thought I'd give audiobooks another shot and bought Tina Fey's Bossypants on iTunes. In case you've been living under a rock, Tina Fey is the delightfully hilarious comedian who became famous for her work on "Saturday Night Live," the chick-flick "Mean Girls" with Lindsay Lohan, and her show "30 Rock," which is currently in its sixth season.

I had wanted to read Bossypants (2011) for the longest time, because absolutely everybody was raving about it. Since I knew it was going to be outrageously funny, I thought it would make my approx. 30 minute commute to and from work more bearable.

I was not disappointed. Tina narrated the audiobook herself, and her voice is so entertaining. She discusses everything from her bad-ass dad and facial scar, to her rise to fame with her various acting and writing gigs. She talks about meeting Sarah Palin after her popular impersonation with Amy Poehler, her horrendous honeymoon cruise, and her opinions on being a working mom. Part memoir, part improv, it's what anyone should hope their life story sounds like.

What I love about Tina, and what makes her so relatable is her down-to-earth personality. She's beautiful, but not of the supermodel quality, and when she says she was dorky as a child, she's not just being modest (She even has a PDF full of old family photos to prove it!). But she's also smart, sensible, and determined to battle sexism both at work and at home.

My only complaint is a practical issue. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to record an audiobook, but I spent over $20 for 5.5 hours of listening. If you paid attention to my commute time, I finished the book in less than a week. Thus, if I purchased audiobooks for the whole year, I would spend over $1000! Granted, I don't regret buying it, but since paper books are so much cheaper and last a lot longer, audiobooks might have to be an every-now-and-then thing.

Overall, if you love Tina Fey, you'll obviously love this book, but even you don't know much about her, I bet you'll still love it. I'm not lying when I say I was literally laughing out loud, to the point where I'm sure the drivers around me thought I was nuts. Sometimes when people can't shut up about a book, you should tread lightly, but in this case, just jump right in! You won't be sorry!

Favorite Quotes:

“This worked out perfectly for me in college, because what nineteen-year-old Virginia boy doesn't want a wide-hipped, sarcastic Greek girl with short hair that's permed on top? What's that you say? None of them want that? You are correct.” 

“Politics and prostitution have to be the only jobs where inexperience is considered a virtue. In what other profession would you brag about not knowing stuff? 'I’m not one of those fancy Harvard heart surgeons. I’m just an unlicensed plumber with a dream and I’d like to cut your chest open.' The crowd cheers.”